Top Food to Cure and Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes is an illness related to the increased blood sugar level. There are two types of diabetes that occur to in different period of times. In fact, you cannot cure or reverse diabetes. This disease can only be monitored and managed in a way in which the level of blood sugar is normal. For this, the patient should adopt a healthy way of living, proper diabetes food diet, and medications, in some cases.

However, in order to better understand what diabetes is all about, you have to understand each type of diabetes. The first one, diabetes type 1, is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Normally, it occurs to young children and it is diagnosed during early childhood. The bad part with diabetes type 1 is that it cannot be reversed, but with the right diet, you can have significant improvements in the blood sugar levels. Sometimes, it can only be managed with insulin and other medications.

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Now, related to the second type of diabetes, patients are a little bit luckier. Diabetes type 2 is the most common form of diabetes and it is caused by insulin resistance. The body can keep up for a while by producing more insulin, but over time, the insulin receptors need a little help. In this case, the patient needs to change his diet as well as to ask for some light medications.

Top Foods to Reverse Diabetes

If you want to reverse diabetes quickly or to prevent this illness, I would suggest you to add the following foods into your daily diet.

High Fiber foods will help you to slow down the glucose absorption. If you take at least 30g of fiber per day from vegetables, avocados, berries, nuts or seeds, you will see some major improvements.

Wild Caught Fish offers a healthy intake of Omega 3-fats and reduce the inflammation which help you fight back against some of the negative effects of increased blood sugar levels.

Foods high in chromium can also improve GTF glucose tolerance factor in your body and naturally balance our blood glucose levels. In this case, you should focus on adding to your daily diet broccoli, raw cheese, green beans, and grass fed beef, which are also high in chromium.

Low glycemic load foods tend not to increase the blood sugar level as much as high glycemic food. In this category, you can choose between vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, organic meat, eggs and ray pastured dairy. Also, you can add some herbs such as cinnamon, turmeric or parsley on your food, in order to balance the blood sugar level.


As you can see, a proper diet can help you reverse diabetes in the easy way, without having to take medications or insulin. If you look out after what you put on your plate when you eat, you will see that you have a chance to cure diabetes type 2 completely. Along with this diabetes food diet, 30 minutes of exercising each day will surely make a difference. In the same time, as some of you might know, diabetes is also caused by stress, so, you should avoid stressful situations.


Balanced Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2 Treatment

Diabetes has become a part of most people’s lives. Even if we talk about a simpler form of diabetes such as the Type 2, where the limitations and boundaries are not that strict, but in the case of type 1 diabetes, things are not that simple. Diabetes treatment varies for each individual, each type of diseases, and on each body. In this respect, the best thing is to take an individual-specific diabetic treatment.


Successful treatment makes all the difference to long-term health. Achieving a balanced diabetes treatment can actually be the key of long living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The aim of such treatment is to keep the blood glucose levels as near to normal as possible. Moreover, the best way to do this is through self-management.


Before you actually search something related to diabetes drugs, you need to understand the difference between the two types of diabetes. The first one, used to be known as juvenile diabetes happens usually to children or young adults. This type is not reversible and it cannot be treated since the pancreas is not producing insulin at all. In the case of the second type of diabetes, type 2 appears at people who stop processing insulin properly. Normally, it appears at people suffering of obesity, but genetics also play an important role within its appearance.


Balanced Diabetes Treatments


As far as the type 1 diabetes is concerned, only a health care specialist can advise towards the best diabetes treatment. Normally, regarding the diabetes medications in the case of diabetes type 1, normally, it is treated with insulin, a balanced exercise plan and a balanced diet. Besides the well-known insulin, there are no other diabetes drugs you can take in order to cure or prevent diabetes. As it was mentioned above, type 1 cannot be cured but only controlled.


Now, when it comes to type 2, there is a couple of diabetes drugs, which can help sick people control as well as to prevent the advance of the disease. However, if you want to take some diabetes medications, it should not be done on your own. You still need the help of a specialist. However, when you think about it, it is not that different compared to the first once, since you need to adopt a healthy food diet and do exercises as often as possible.


Keep in mind that in both cases, insulin should be regarded as a last result. First, there are recommended other light diabetes drugs, and if they seem to be insufficient, then the patient needs a dose of insulin. In most cases, the diabetes type 2 can easily be controlled with oral diabetes medications, drugs prescribed by a health specialist or a doctor.


Starting with the diagnosis, and ending with the rest of your life, you need to be very careful on what you eat and what you do. I know that the diabetes treatment might be regarded as a deprivation of all those great tasty things, but, in fact, diabetes is a disease you can live with. Little by little, you will learn how to replace certain things with others, to develop a successful exercise plan and a balanced food diet.