How to Reverse Type 2 & 1 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Diabetes is a disease many people appear to be having but the fact that it is possible to reverse diabetes is extremely important to be known by all people who have it. This disease appears to be caused at the moment when there is too much glucose or sugar in the body.

All of you are aware that we get sugar from almost everything we eat and that our body is able to process sugar the sugar we give to it in order to get it in our cells and provide energy. However, it is a well-known fact that glucose cannot go into the cells without insulin. Many of you are not aware of what exactly insulin is. Therefore, you must know that this is nothing but a hormone produced by the pancreas.

reverse diabetesThat means that all people who have diabetes have a body incapable of making enough insulin or unable to use the insulin produced, properly. That can only make the sugar remain in the blood, and this can lead to serious difficulties if is not treated correctly.

Even though diabetes is not a very easy disease to live with, there are a couple of steps, every one of you who has this must do in order to reverse diabetes.

3 Must Know Facts about Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance


1.    Exercising is Good for People with Diabetes

The first important step all people with this disease must take in consideration in order to be able to reverse diabetes, is strictly referring to exercising. It might sound less important for many of you; however, exercising is critical in balancing blood sugar. I know many of you expected to read something more than home remedies for diabetes, but these are not something that should be ignored.

So, you must be aware that if you have diabetes, sport will definitely improve the insulin sensitivity. Not only that 30 minutes of exercising help reduce central body fat, but moving will actually be improving sugar metabolism. Therefore, in order to prevent this disease, reduce the risk of complications and even reverse diabetes, regular exercises become a must-do.

2.    When You Have Diabetes, Dieting Is a Must

If we talked about exercising, we must also discuss the diet because, if you are interested in reversing diabetes, you must be ready to begin a diet.

What is very important for people whit diabetes when it comes to food? Well, firstly, they should begin to eat whatever balances the blood sugar and reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. Not only those, but they need to feed their body with the kind of food that allows it to detoxify their liver. This is very important because, without a balanced diet, reversing diabetes insulin resistance is practically impossible.

insulin resistance

In case you are ready to begin a diet in order to reverse diabetes, you should consult your doctor and then keep up with all the lists of food you must eat, which are available online. It is not easy, especially if you are a big fan of food and different tastes; however it is very important for your health and it should not be ignored.

3.    Reduce Stress and Manage Your Disease

There is something else extremely important that can help people reverse diabetes, or at least manage it, and that is stress. People who have diabetes should definitely try to avoid or manage stress, at has an important impact when it comes to blood sugar imbalances.

What exactly does stress do to people who have diabetes? Well, as you probably imagine, first of all it triggers insulin resistance and is an important factor when it comes weight gain around the middle. Not only that stress has something to say to those who already have diabetes, but it is a well-known fact that, in many cases, this was the problem that caused diabetes. Therefore, it is very important in avoiding and also reversing diabetes that people practice all kinds of actions that calm them down and help them relax and forget about the stress in their lives.

In conclusion, these are only three of the steps all people with diabetes should take in consideration in order to manage their disease, but there are many more home remedies for diabetes and all of you who are interested in knowing more about this for themselves or their loved ones who have this problem, should definitely check for more information online.


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